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Flower Stand Hours

FRIDAY  /   3PM - 7PM or Sell Out

SATURDAY  /   9AM - 7PM or Sell Out

SUNDAY  /   9AM - 7PM or Sell Out

We are a self-serve stand, accepting exact cash and Venmo.

Thank you for your business!

141 Slate Quarry Road, Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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Wholesale to Florists

Please create an account using your business email via the wholesale section of the "shop" page.


You will receive a response requesting your tax information. Once approved, you will be free to shop our selection, updated weekly!

Flowers are delicate and sensitive, but with proper care, farm fresh blooms can last a surprisingly long time.

  1. Most importantly, they need their water changed at least every two days, more often if possible.

  2. Keep them away from direct sunlight and any heat sources, they prefer to stay cool.

  3. Trim the stems every few days. Remove any spent flowers, and keep petals and foliage out of the water.


For more tips and details on proper flower care, feel free to reach out!

About Our Farm & Family

VDL Brothers is situated on the 145 acres of our family farm, alongside our hay fields and  beef cattle. As fifth-generation residents of Rhinebeck, we are so proud to be able to bring up our children to be stewards of the land we live on, use to run our businesses, care for our animals and raise our crops.

Here we grow between thirty and forty varieties of annual and perennial specialty cut flowers. Each year, our growing plan is carefully curated to include our flower stand favorites, as well as the color palettes and designs chosen by our wedding and event clients. Everything is grown with intention and care.

In the coming years, we will be building our stock of saved seeds and tubers from our favorite flowers to share with our customers and friends. We will also be hosting events in conjunction with our favorite local businesses.

Be sure to sign up for our email list to follow along as we grow our flowers and business. We surely appreciate your support along this journey!

family photo florist

Sonja & Matt, with their sons Todd & Silas

Photo by Isabella Rubie Photography

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